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Welcome to UKnetrunner.co.UK running club

UKnetrunner was established in 2003 and is fully affiliated with England Athletics.

We cater for runners whose lifestyles make it difficult to attend a local running club, but still want the support of clubmates. With UKnetunner your clubmates are available all day, every day, via facebook, twitter and the members' chat forum.

Our running club offers various ways for members to get involved, but with the flexibility of participating when it suits you - there's no pressure to attend certain races. You can add all your results to your member profile and these will be used to rank you in the UKnetrunner Grand Prix according to your progress over the previous year. There's even a prize for the winner at the end of the year.

There are also a variety of handicap races held at events across the country each year. The handicap system allows you to compete fairly against members of all abilities with the triumphant runner receiving a trophy.

If you're still not sure, get in touch and ask any questions you may have before you JOIN.
BillBirkenhead parkrun33:35  0 
Keith EChichester parkrun23:28  0 
Simon PEden Project parkrun18:59  0 
David GGedling parkrun22:55  0 
SamanthaGedling parkrun30:20  0 
Peter SHarcourt Hill parkrun19:35  0 
LloydMilton Keynes parkrun19:14  0 
WilliamMilton Keynes parkrun20:29  0 
Kevin BRushcliffe parkrun21:01  0 
Grand Prix Group 1
17 DecTJ Waste Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon  
 Dave Speck, William Shippin
17 DecNewark show ground xmas challenge   
 Andrew Holroyd
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