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General News

Featured Race Report - Not The Roman IX

 Tue Jan 25 2011, 01:00pm, 0 comments
This month's featured race report is actually my own, although it's featured at the request of my fellow committee members. The full report is on the forum (click here) so I've chopped this down to size. Read more

Featured Race Report - Newcastle Town Moor Marathon

 Tue Dec 21 2010, 12:51pm, 1 comment
The club forum is full of great race reports so we've decided to shine the light on one every now and again so that even the non-forum-goers can hear about the great exploits of UKnetrunners. I'm going to take a bit of editor's license with the reports, but I'll also include a link to the full report. Read more

New Forum now LIVE

 Mon Nov 29 2010, 10:16am, 0 comments
Okay, we said it would be live on Sunday, but things took a little longer than expected. However, as promised, we now have a new forum. Read more

UKnetrunner in Running Fitness magazine

 Tue Nov 23 2010, 10:23am, 0 comments
As the title states, UKnetrunner appears in this month's Running Fitness magazine. The article gives a brief history of the club with quotes from our club founder (Alan), Chair (Brigitte) and Captain (Matt), as well as some great photos of UKNR runners in action. Read more

UKnetrunner App for your iPhone

 Thu Feb 04 2010, 10:20am, 1 comment
Now it's even easier to stay up-to-date with club happenings and the chatter on the forums - you can download a UKnetrunner App for your iPhone.

The App is completely free and is available from http://itunes. Read more

Stuart Graver (Club Member) - Marathon Blog

 Thu Sep 10 2009, 04:54pm, 0 comments
If anyone is interested I have a blog on the go at present tracking my build up to the Nottingham marathon (and possibly beyond!) It's fairly light hearted and I'm sure will strike a chord with a few out there.

The blog can be accessed on www. Read more

Happy Birthday Brigitte

 Sun Jul 05 2009, 09:26am, 2 comments

Shop @ UKnetrunner

 Wed Jul 01 2009, 01:00am, 2 comments
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new UKnetrunner Online Shop.

In January, our chairman Alan talked about expanding the range of club-branded clothing. Read more


 Thu May 07 2009, 01:00am, 1 comment
In a minor (and slightly nerdy) update to the site, the WAVA gradings in the age graded league/hall of fame are now all based on 2006 WAVA data. You may notice some minor wobbles - particularly at 5k, 10k and 12k which I think are now based on road times rather than track. Read more

Site Updates

 Thu Dec 11 2008, 08:09pm, Disabled
There have been some exciting new additions to the site today. You now have private messaging between members of the main site (in addition to that on the forum) - if you're logged in there's a box on the top right, and there is also a "send private message" link on everyones info page. Read more