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London Marathon 2014 - Club Ballot Results

 Sat Nov 02 2013, 08:30am, 0 comments

London Marathon 2014 - Club Ballot

 Fri Oct 11 2013, 09:01am, 0 comments
If you're looking to run the London Marathon in 2014 but have received a rejection magazine, here's your chance to grab one of the club places available. Read more

Parkrun Day - 19th October

 Wed Oct 09 2013, 12:00am, 0 comments
Whether you're a regular parkrunner, or you're a parkrun virgin, here's a chance for a bit of fun and hopefully the opportunity to meet some clubmates. Read more

New Winter Kit and Parkrun Day

 Fri Aug 30 2013, 05:20pm, 0 comments

London Marathon Club Places

 Tue Nov 06 2012, 04:46pm, 0 comments
The draw for the 3 club places for the 2013 London Marathon was held yesterday and the lucky names out of the hat were:

Peter O'Grady
Peter Stubbs
Rob Hundley

Congratulations guys, we hope you have a great race. We look forward to hearing how you get on in training and on the day itself. Read more

Virgin London Marathon - UKnetrunner Club places - Draw Result

 Sun Nov 22 2009, 12:00am, Disabled
The deed is done!

2 Marathon places have been received from the Virgin London Marathon organisers (if we get back up above 100 members we will get 1 more place next year!)

10 UKnetrunners were in the draw for the places (carried out using Random draw generator "The Hat" (as used in previous years) with Bren & my son Pearce witnessing the draw (feels like the National Lottery!).

The First out of "The Hat" was:- Nick Dunk

Second out of "The Hat" was:- Zoe Stockdale

Congratulations to Nick & Zoe. Read more

London Marathon 2009

 Sun Apr 26 2009, 01:31pm, 6 comments
UKnetrunner out in force
Sunday saw glorious sunshine for the London Marathon where ten club members were running for personal bests & charities. Leading the way was Nick Houlton who set a new PB and club record with a fantastic time of 2:35:17. Read more

Final UKnetrunner Flora London Marathon Place! Draw Result!

 Mon Nov 24 2008, 08:39pm, Disabled

Good news - I have now sorted out my pc problem!

Good news - the 5 people who wanted to be entered into the draw were in the draw.

Good news - Pete Stockdale - you are the winner of the third Uknetrunner place!!

Bad news - sorry other 4 entrants, better luck next time!

Good news - in case of any of the entrants not making the race, Helen Cross was second drawn from the draw so if any member needs to drop out and handover their entry (providing it happens by 9th January) then Helen will be the club substitute. Read more

Flora London Marathon Places - April 2009

 Mon Nov 17 2008, 12:22am, Disabled
UKnetrunner has received 3 places for the 2009 Flora London Marathon.

In the club draw - 2 entrants - Jayne Chappell and Matt Dunn - were both picked out to land themselves club places in the London Marathon next year. Read more

Flora London Marathon

 Sat Apr 19 2008, 09:20pm, Disabled
FLM - A lifes amibition achieved.. Read more