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Not the Roman IX 2016 - Race Report

 Mon Jan 25 2016, 04:58pm, 0 comments
Suz Cutler made her club debut in this race and took time out to give us her account of the day!
This event is an annual highlight for UKnetrunner and has a good turnout every year. In past years we have had some good results too with podium places in the individual categories as well as the mens team. With some of the Uknetrunner ‘elite’ runners not attending the race this year, it was left to Pete Stockdale to vie for the podium places. He was very close too and was just beaten to third place with a time of 42:46  - good enough too to give Pete the club handicap title and a cracking PB! Suz Cutler made her club debut in this race (not her first appearance here though!). Suz took time out to give us her account of the day!

"It was my third year at NTRIX, but my first as a ‘proper runner’, a UKnetrunner. So instead of rocking up, normally alone, running and going home, I had team mates, I had a club vest. It was AWESOME!

It was definitely colder than 2015, and I was not at my best with an annoying niggling injury but I couldn’t miss out on my first proper club handicap race.

With the physio’s words ringing round in my head, you can run but don’t race, and 7 days run rest before, I decided a 5:30 run walk was the best race plan.

After the normal massive queue for the lovely portaloo, it was great chatting and walking to the start with fellow club mates.

Feeling very nervous, and as much as my inner self wanted to try for a PB, I sensibly held back at the start and tried to stay at a 10:30/11:00 mm pace, whilst pretty much everyone else went past me.

I really enjoyed the first two miles, injury wasn’t niggling, just having a mental battle about whether to perhaps increase my speed and stop run/walking…….and then it was cardiac hill time……niggling pain was back and I had to stop, stretch and powerwalk mile 3 and 4 .

Mile 5 was a good mile, mile 6 started off well but then the pain was back so I was back to powerwalking for the rest of the race. Pride wouldn’t let me walk the last 400m so I gritted my teeth and tried for a sprint finish……chip time 1:25:32, just over 7 minutes slower than last year…..NRTIX 2017…slimmer….uninjured and after a sub 70.

Ntrix Sc

Afterwards it was onto the Crown Inn in Tiddington for a bite to eat and the AGM.
It was nice to meet fellow UKnetrunners in a social environment. I was also pleased to receive the trophies for winning the Grand Prix and the Parkrun Handicap."

Congratulations Suz. Good luck with the handicap events and Grand Prix this year!