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Round Norfolk Relay 2009

 Fri Feb 06 2009, 05:20pm, 2 comments
Following UKnetrunner's successful debut in this event last year, it has been agreed to submit another entry for 2009. The event will be run on the weekend of 19th/20th September, starting at Dawn on the Saturday with an expected finish no more than 28 hours later on the Sunday morning.

The event broadly follows the Norfolk border, starting in King's Lynn, following the coast east & then south to Great Yarmouth before heading inland and back up to King's Lynn. The route covers a total of 193 miles split over 17 stages ranging from 5 miles to 19.67 miles.

Ian Thomas, the UKNR Relay Coordinator, is organising preparations for the event and is looking for volunteers to run and support the club. A topic is already underway on the club forum and if you're interested in either running, or supporting, please make yourself known to Ian.

The club will be submitting an entry when entries open in March, although the team does not need to be finalised this soon. So, even if you cannot commit for certain, but are interested in participating, please contact Ian via private message, or the forum.

If you would like to run one o fthe stages, please let Ian know any preferences you have and predicted pace, taking into consideration any underfoot conditions of the stage (some stages are off road).

Please click the link below to view the forum topic:


More details about the Round Norfolk Relay are available at:


  • Wed Feb 11 2009, 09:02pm
    It would be excellent to see great support from Uknetrunner in 2009 as it was in 2008 - come on folks - it's an event like no other!

    (Great new feature by the way Matt!)

  • Sat Feb 07 2009, 04:59pm
    ohyboy this is a great event... sign up sign up sign up.

    Some of you may have noticed that I didn't really have a lot to say, but just wanted to show off the new "post comment" feature