Relays Have a New Home

 Wed Feb 11 2009, 09:20pm, 0 comments
Some of you may already be aware (if you already visit the forum) that a new home has been created for all Relay specific threads. For those members who aren’t aware or haven’t visited the forum before, this can be found on the main forum page, immediately below the AGM section. The webmaster Matt has also transferred all current Relay specific threads to the new section, so in case you're wondering what happened to them, they still exist and can now be found by CLICKING HERE (Incidentally, thank you for setting this up Matt)

For those who don't already visit the forum but are interested in supporting or running a leg of one of the chosen Relays, please pop along to the forum and log your interest officially via one of the threads or simply email or PM me. Likewise, if you have any suggestions for future Relays or would like to offer your advice or support, please feel free to do so.

I should add that interest is strong and growing for both the Round Norfolk Relay and Ridgeway Relays, so please be an early bird if you don't wish to miss out on some great events.

Forum link to Round Norfolk Relay
Forum link to Ridgeway Relay

Ian Thomas
Relay Co-ordinator

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