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Grand Prix Scoring

The scoring table shows the different bands in the UKnetrunner Grand Prix. Bandings are based on your best WAVA grading in the 12 months prior to a race. Your WAVA grading is divided by two and then subtracted from 50. This is then rounded up to the nearest band.

For example, if you have a WAVA grading of 59%, this would be divided by two (29.5) and subtracted from 50 (20.5) and rounded up to band 21. If your WAVA grading was 60%, this would be band 20:
60 ÷ 2 = 30
50 - 30 = 20

Each band is a 2% WAVA improvement than the higher band, for example, band 21 is a WAVA grading of 58%, band 20 is WAVA grading of 60% and band 19 is a WAVA grading of 62%.

Consistent Running
3 points are awarded for a performance within your band. Performances in bands below your band (i.e. slower) will receive 3 points minus the number of bands below your band the performance is. For example, if you're in band 20 and you ran a band 23 time, you would receive 0 points (3 minus 3).

Personal Bests
3 points are awarded for achieving a new Personal Best, regardless of what band the performance is.

For a performance in a band above your band (i.e. quicker), you will receive 3 points for achieving your current band, plus 4 points for each further band above your performance. For example, if you're in band 20 and you ran a band 17 time, you would recieve 18 points (3 points, plus 3 * 4 points, plus 3 points for achieving a PB).

Your total score will be based on a maximum of 8 races. Your highest 3 scores from 3 different qualifying distances (5k & 5m, 10k & 12k, 10m & Half Marathon, 20m & Marathon) will be added to your next 5 highest scores from any distance, subject to a maximum of 2 races of any one distance.