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Grand Prix Tables

#MemberCounting ResultsPoints
1A member859
2A member848
3Steven Woods843
4A member839
5A member839
6A member531
7A member529
8A member827
9A member826
10A member825
11A member723
12A member823
13A member822
14A member622
15A member820
16A member718
17A member616
18A member715
19A member615
20A member713
21A member812
22A member712
23A member612
24A member59
25A member88
26A member88
27A member88
28A member58
29A member48
30A member28
31A member77
32A member67
33A member56
34A member85
35A member74
36A member73
37A member43
38A member43
39A member62
40A member32
41A member51
42A member31
43A member21
44A member21
45A member70
46A member20
47A member10
48A member10
49A member00
50A member00
51A member00
52A member00
53A member00
54A member00
55A member00
  • 7th Oct 2016 22:27
    Bottom of the league!!!!
  • 16th Oct 2016 19:36
    Aston Villa wanted to see that type of change in a table last season; still on zero points, but now 7th off the bottom!!!
  • 25th Oct 2016 16:53
    Hi Steven, unfortunately the Yorkshire Vets AA had entered your XC as a 10k when it appears to have been almost a mile short of that distance (based on Strava). Hence you score a lot of points for that result. Accordingly I've had to "correct" that result. Hope you understand
  • 10th Nov 2016 22:16
    Back to bottom of the league... call me Sunderland!
  • 14th Nov 2016 19:04
    off the bottom on goal difference!
  • 29th Dec 2016 11:10
    I'm probably totally wrong but not sure I've been given 3pts for my Bolsover PB !!
  • 2nd Jan 2017 21:44
    Where did the 2016 scores go? Have they been reset?
  • 3rd Jan 2017 11:03
    Hi Carl, you got 3pts for a performance in your band and 3pts for the PB. Well done on winning the 2016 Grand Prix
  • 4th Jan 2017 19:48
    Hi Sam, they're still here, but I'll be resetting them shortly and then they'll be accessible via the navigation links at the top of the page
#MemberCounting ResultsPoints
1A member191
2A member677
3A member377
4A member550
5A member848
6A member642
7A member340
8A member836
9A member335
10A member433
11A member831
12A member529
13A member328
14A member425
15A member325
16A member724
17A member424
18A member523
19A member423
20A member422
21Martin McGinlay322
22A member418
23A member717
24A member517
25A member415
26A member315
27A member312
28A member711
29A member29
30A member38
31A member56
32Michael Bates46
33A member36
34A member16
35A member25
36A member25
37A member54
38A member34
39A member43
40A member62
41A member32
42A member21
43A member10
44A member00
45A member00
46A member00
47Henk Kramer00
48A member00
49A member00
50A member00
51Andy Smith100
52A member00
53A member00
54A member00
55A member00
56A member00
57A member00
58A member00
59A member00
60A member00
61A member00
62A member00
63A member00
64A member00
65A member00
66A member00
67A member00
68A member00
69A member00
70A member00
71A member00
72A member00
73A member00
  • 9th Jun 2016 13:50
    Hi there - a little confused as to why my races don't count for the grand prix - Am I too new? I have registered 2 x 5K a half marathon and a marathon this year.
    One other question - why aren't ultra distances included in the UK net runner stats and tables? Many thanks, Alison (Ais)
  • 11th Jul 2016 20:09
    You're lucky...I'm new too and in neither group đŸ˜€
  • 23rd Aug 2016 14:50
    I'm not on either - I've done 4 x 10k's and a half marathon this year.
    However, I see both your names are now on the Group 2 list smile
  • 23rd Aug 2016 14:52
    I'm not on either - I've done 4 x 10k's and a half marathon this year.
    However, I see both your names are now on the Group 2 list smile
  • 10th Oct 2016 09:41
    I'm guessing my banding/pb's etc are all being reset from zero on my rejoining and starting to race again but I can't honestly claim a PB based on my Berlin pacing performance - it would be wrong and not a true reflection! Happy to live with it for GP purposes though:)
  • 25th Oct 2016 17:00
    Sandra, sorry for the delay, I think it's because you have no results from 2015 from which to establish a base score. I've manually added you but for some reason it's not used your first result of 2016 as a base so I need to investigate this further
  • 25th Oct 2016 17:01
    Baljit, I've re-sync'd your profile to RunBritain (or rather it should over the course of the next few days), which should pull across your previous results and correct this error wink