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Grand Prix Tables

#MemberCounting ResultsPoints
1A member847
2A member837
3A member836
4A member734
5A member632
6A member731
7A member831
8A member827
9A member227
10A member626
11A member620
12A member819
13A member819
14A member618
15A member616
16A member815
17A member515
18A member814
19A member713
20A member313
21A member311
22A member810
23A member49
24A member59
25A member39
26A member29
27A member68
28A member48
29A member67
30A member66
31A member46
32A member56
33A member36
34A member75
35Andy Smith - Luton35
36A member25
37A member74
38A member83
39A member33
40A member23
41A member32
42A member22
43A member31
44A member11
45A member11
46A member40
47A member30
48A member30
49A member20
50A member20
51A member20
52A member20
53Michael Bates10
54A member10
55A member10
56A member10
57A member10
58A member10
59A member00
60A member00
61A member00
  • 21st Jan 2017 12:02
    Following comments at the AGM I have now changed the ordering of the GP table. Previously it was only based on points (and people tied on score would appear according to their user id). The GP table will now sort by points, distance groups, counting results, no. of races.
#MemberCounting ResultsPoints
1A member852
2A member244
3A member532
4A member231
5A member230
6A member526
7Martin McGinlay825
8A member725
9A member524
10A member222
11A member521
12A member621
13A member219
14A member216
15A member515
16A member515
17A member115
18A member214
19A member413
20A member513
21A member313
22A member312
23A member310
24A member310
25A member59
26A member29
27A member57
28A member46
29A member36
30A member26
31A member25
32A member25
33A member14
34A member23
35A member23
36A member21
37A member50
38A member50
39A member40
40A member20
41A member20
42A member20
43A member10
44A member10
45A member10
46A member00
47A member00
48A member00
49A member00
50A member00
51A member00
52A member00
53A member00
54A member00
55A member00
56A member00
57A member00
58A member00
59A member00
60A member00
61A member00
62A member00
63A member00
64A member00