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1m Club Leaderboard (Age Graded)

These leaderboards are based on WAVA age-grading that measures performances as a percentage of the world record for a given age and sex.

This table lists the best WAVA grading of current club members based on the age of the member when the time was achieved.

1A member5:11MV4077.5%
2A member4:52MS76.0%
3A member5:41MV4572.7%
4A member5:07MS72.6%
5A member5:22MV3571.1%
6A member6:26MV5067.1%
7A member6:14MV4062.8%
8A member6:01MS61.5%
9A member7:33MV5056.5%
10A member8:50MV4546.6%