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12k PB Rankings

This table shows the personal bests of current club members. Times in bold are from 2021.

1A member42:45MV3576.3%
2A member44:24MS72.9%
3A member45:56MV4075.3%
4A member46:02MV4577.0%
5A member46:28MV4073.8%
6A member51:21MV4065.2%
7A member52:22MS62.0%
8A member53:51MV5067.5%
9A member54:00MV5572.8%
10A member56:41MS57.4%
11A member57:01MV5065.4%
12A member57:17MV3557.4%
13A member58:39MV3556.7%
14A member59:12MV4558.9%
15A member59:26MV4559.6%
16A member59:37MV5062.0%
17A member59:57FV5070.6%
18A member1:05:45FS55.6%
19A member1:07:01MV4050.0%
20A member1:07:16FV4057.1%
21A member1:09:53MV5555.3%
22A member1:10:23FV5565.7%
23A member1:10:58MV6057.0%
24A member1:11:30MV3546.5%
25A member1:14:25MS43.5%
26A member1:18:17FV4049.1%