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December 24th 2020!!! Ho Ho Ho!

 Thu Dec 24 2020, 10:37am, 0 comments
Happy Xmas, Awards, Virus, we run on!!!
December 2020
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MA RA TH ON Challenge

 Mon Jun 08 2020, 09:00am, 0 comments
Over the weekend four teams completed the MA RA TH ON challenge
Report on the MA RA TH ON challenge completed on 06/07 June by four teams of UK Netrunners.

MA_RA_TH_ON_report. Read more

Chairmans update 1st June 2020

 Mon Jun 08 2020, 08:39am, 0 comments
1 mile challenge, 5 & 10 km challenge, STRAVA
News update from Andy Lane October 5th!!!
Where did the year go??

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In the News

 Tue Oct 15 2019, 07:33am, 2 comments
A round up of latest news and action
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UKNetrunner AGM 2019

 Fri Sep 20 2019, 11:50am, 0 comments
The minutes of the 2019 AGM are now avilable...
The UKnetrunner.co. Read more

Steve Price Memorial 10k and Annual General Meeting

 Tue Jul 23 2019, 09:49am, 0 comments
The Stephen Price Memorial 10km represents an important event for UKNetrunners. Anticipating a good club turnout, we are holding a club meeting (we didn't have an AGM in January 2019). Read more

Committee Update

 Sat May 18 2019, 03:15pm, 1 comment
We have worked hard over recent months to keep the club going after the sudden loss of our Chairmen Stephen Price, last summer. 
I am pleased to announce we have recently recruited some new volunteers to the club committee, which will ensure we keep our great club going. Read more

Stephen Price - Club Chair, Inspirational Runner, Friend

 Wed Aug 08 2018, 09:54pm, 14 comments
In Memory of Stephen Price
It is with great sadness that we announce that our club chair, Stephen Price has passed away. Stephen died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep in the early hours of this morning (8th August). Read more

UKnetrunner Summer parkrun Handicap Series

 Wed May 30 2018, 08:27pm, 1 comment
Join in with this year's UKnetrunner Summer parkrun Handicap Series!
This year's annual UKnetrunner Parkrun Handicap is going to run over the five Saturdays from 30 June to 28 July. This year the handicap will be slightly adjusted to work with WAVA, just as the Grand Prix has been. Read more

AGM 2018 | Award Winners | Committee

 Sat Jan 27 2018, 09:05am, 0 comments
The minutes of the 2018 AGM are now avilable...
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