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2008 AGM Minutes

 Thu Jan 24 2008, 07:58am, 0 comments
UKnetrunner Annual General Meeting

Sunday 20 January 2008 - The Fox Inn – Loxley, Nr Stratford upon Avon

Full minutes of the meeting are attached below - enjoy.

1. Welcome & Introduction by Chairman

Apologies, Michele Day, Laura Foster & Bill Preston

Alan welcomed everyone to the 5th UKnetrunner AGM and said how pleasing it was to see some new members. Attendance was the largest so far (13 club members in attendance & 3 guests).

2. Presentation of Awards for 2007

 UKnetrunner of The Year

Alan explained the selection process where by committee members elect 5 members between themselves then put to all members to select one for the award. The 2007 award goes to Jayne Chappell.

Jayne was not present so her shield is to be posted following the AGM.

 Grand Prix Winner

This has grown from 8 to 53 so far more competition now. Alex Wright, winner of group one has now joined a club local to him and ceased his membership with UKnetrunner, the club wish him well for the future.

Group One

1st Alex Wright – 232 points – trophy to be posted following the AGM
2nd Steve Gunn – 80 points
3rd Bill Preston – 60 points

Group Two

1st Danny Farndon – 291 points – trophy presented by Alan Lacey
2nd Steven Price – 224 points
3rd Jamie Barry – 200 points

 Handicap Race Winner

Alan showed the AGM attendees he trophy for the Not the Roman IX Handicap race (the winner would be calculated when the official race results were announced)

*Post AGM – the official results are now available and the winner is Mike Jarman with his impressive run – his trophy will be posted to him.


 Chairman – Alan Lacey

Alan was pleased to say that membership had increased to 91 over the past year although this is likely to drop to 81 soon with renewals due. It was fantastic to see so many UKnetrunner members and red, white and blue vests. Predominately membership is increased by word of mouth from enthusiastic members such as Shaun Bonner and Dave Robertson. It is hoped this will continue. Alan acknowledged Colin Wells for his hard work running in fancy dress as Scooby Doo and raising a lot of money for the Born Free Foundation.

 Treasurer

The accounts were circulated and as the members could see costs had been kept down. Kit is the most expensive but UKnetrunner sell at the same price as they buy at. Affiliations costs have also gone up. This year there is a very small credit compared to the usual debit.

Members were also made aware of the liabilities; these are debts owing to Alan Lacey and Jeff Steed, the cost to both for setting up the club. This debt is slowly decreasing and doesn’t affect the running of the club in any way.

 Secretary

Stacey Lacey has been the secretary until deciding to leave the position for personal reasons. Alan has been taking care of this role recently.

The club would like to thank Stacey for her work behind the scenes and wish her well.

 Media/PR

The club does not do a lot of advertising, relying mainly on word of mouth which seems to work well. Alan does have some flyers which can be distributed. Michael Redmond recommended the club in an article he featured in the Running Fitness magazine.

 Website – Matt Leatham

The website has grown this year, been restyled and a poll seems to show preference for the new look. Everyone can now log times and load photos and race reports direct to the site.

 Vice Chair – Brigitte Groves

Brigitte had nothing to add other than to thank Alan for his hard work in the day to day running of the club.

4. Election

The following members were re-elected or elected:

Chair: Alan Lacey
Vice Chair: Brigitte Groves
Secretary: Alan Lacey
Media & PR: Brigitte Groves
Treasurer: Alan Lacey
Website: Matt Leatham
Other General Committee: Laura Foster, Michele Day and Krissie Newton

5. Proposals for Constitution Amendments for 2008

 Associate Member Status – Proposed by Alan Lacey

It was agreed to scrap the Associate member status

 Subscriptions – Proposed by Alan Lacey

England Athletics are putting up costs which of course will mean that we have to rescale our membership fees. The group discussed the different options of membership and it was agreed to only have one new membership option that would be £35 to include a vest (removing the option for new membership without a club vest). The existing member renewal fee was agreed at £20.
Alan also gave a brief description of the ‘introduce a new member’ scheme which has been in place for 2 years and will remain in place for 2008. Further information is available on the website.

 Honorary Membership – Proposed by Alan Lacey

The group agreed to form an Honorary Membership scheme which would recognise members who have made a significant contribution to the club and who are not renewing their membership but are not leaving for another club or racing.

Following this agreement the first member was chosen – Jeff Steed.

 Repayment of Debt to Alan Lacey & Jeff Steed – Proposed by Alan Lacey

It was agreed that Alan and Jeff will be repaid £50 each to reduce the liability of the club providing these payments do not impact on the club, which Alan confirmed would not as he had forecasted the anticipated club costs and income for the next 6 months.

6. Round Norfolk Relay 2008

This is a unique, and according to Matt brilliant, event. The course mirrors the county boundary over a distance of 193 miles, divided into 17 unequal stages with the aim to all finish by 9.30am on the Sunday morning. Starts are staggered according to ability.

The event will be held over 20th/21st September and 13 members are currently shown an interest. Entries open on 1st February and fill up fast. We will need at the very least one volunteer to help out but more would be useful. It was proposed and agreed that the club pays £51 towards the entrance and each entrant then pays £9.

7. Any Other Business

There was no other business so the meeting closed at 3.30pm