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A message from UKnetrunner co-founder, Alan Lacey

 Fri Dec 14 2012, 11:25am, 1 comments
As you may, or may not know, I co-created UKnetrunner almost 10 years ago with Jeff Steed (and input from Brigitte!) and am responsible for (and proud of) the club name, logo, vest design and initial slogan.

The slogan was: "UKnetrunner.co.uk - For Fitness, For Friendship, For Fun, For YOU!" - cheesy, which is why it was dropped - but sums up what made this club great, and still underlies the club today.

- I had fitness (prior to my injuries!) - completing 17 marathons and achieving my goal of a sub-4 hour marathon, as well as some distance pb's I will always be proud of (I was never sporty at school!) - until 2 ankle injuries (on different ankles!) gained on 5k runs (!) have put what seems to be an end to my running activity for over a year now.

- I have gained many good friendships - many I will take many forward with me - it certainly has to be the friendliest running club to be part of - you just need to make yourself known and there will always be a friendly face in a white, red and blue vest to make you feel welcome and share a friendly chat!

- it's been fun! Being part of the committee for the whole 10 years has had it's challenges at times (which few members will have been aware of!), but the up's massively outweigh the downs! It's a fun club - even more fun if you are more involved!

- it's been the right club for me! Perfect!

..... but not any more (for me).

I'm not running - and it is as frustrating as hell to read of all the activity without being able to get involved out on the roads and paths!

I've passed on my club committee duties - best to get new blood involved to keep this club buzzing and inject new energy.

And as I'm an 'all or nothing' chap - if I can't be involved to give my all (including actively) then it is time for me to say goodbye and move on.

I could pick out specific people to say a special thank you to .... but I won't - as I'm bound to leave someone out and offend them! So to all UKnetrunners, past and present, thank you for you friendship, your support, your involvement with this club - and for wearing the colours of OUR club across this great country - and beyond!

UKnetrunner is something I am hugely proud of and will always have a place in my heart, look after it - it has a lot to give!
  • Fri Dec 14 2012, 01:39pm
    It will be sad to see you leave the club but fully understandable considering your injuries. I wish to pass on our heart felt thanks for all your hard work over the years to make this club what it is today - certainly 'the' friendliest running club that I have had the pleasure of being a member of.

    Best wishes for the future what ever that may bring, and who knows, maybe some time in the future you may be back with us again?