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AGM News

 Mon Jan 29 2007, 03:38pm, 0 comments
After the club race, we had the club AGM at the very lovely Fox inn in Loxely. Included in the meeting were the announcements of the results of the hotly contested club grand prix and UKnetrunner of the year awards.

Drum roll please....UKnetrunner of the year:

And the winner for 2006 is... Brigitte Groves The trophy will be winging in her direction imminently. Grand Prix (Group 2) An exciting and busy year in the feeder group saw 19 members competing, with 13 of those qualifying for promotion to group 1 in 2007. And the all important results:
  1. Martyn Thorpe - 232 points
  2. Brigitte Groves - 120 points
  3. Peter Luxford - 119 points
Well done to everyone, especially Martyn. Grand Prix (Group 1) A tight battle between 4 of the 5 members of group 1 (after 1 runner got injured early in 2006), sees the top 4 staying in group 1, with David dropping back to group 2 as he recovers from injury. The final results:
  1. Steve Gunn - 60 points
  2. Matt Leatham - 47 points
  3. Laura Foster - 41 points
So many congratulations to Steve Gunn, who will get the Grand Prix trophy to replace last year's UKNetrunner of the year award. Full results of the Grand Prix, and details of the 2007 competition will appear on the website shortly.