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August & September Round-up

 Sat Oct 01 2011, 10:00am, 3 comments
Apologies for not producing a summary for August, but I've not really had much of a chance lately. But fear not, August is not forgotten as this month we have a double summary, which I hope will make up for having to look at a picture of Matt Dunn for such a long time.

August was disappointingly cool this year, but despite the lack of barbeque friendly weather UKnetrunners still put in some sizzling performances. Pete Stockdale continued his fine form with PB's at 5k and 10k, dipping under 17 mins and 36 mins respectively for the first time.

Mike Jarman is half the man he once was thanks to some fantastic weight loss efforts this year, and that helped him to his first sub-40 10k. It was a performance that won him the club's final handicap event of the year at the Birchwood 10k. Andy Newham's 3 minute PB and first sub-50 10k was still two minutes off Mike's net handicap time, following his PB by nearly 5 minutes.

Of course, we've read about Matt Dunn's epic weekend at the North Downs Way 100, but it was such a great achievement I thought I'd mention it again.

Whilst the weather waited until the last week of September to hot up, UKnetrunners were putting in smoking performances from the start of the month with a number of new club records set.

Lee Simpson completed a remarkable journey from hospital bed to finisher of the Great North Run. He's keyed a fantastic race report (Click Here) that is well worth a read and I'm sure will mark the start of a new journey...

Whilst Lee was seeing the sights of the North East, there were a bunch of UKnetrunners sat wearily in a sports hall in King's Lynn. We were recovering from 27 hours of the Round Norfolk Relay that passed very smoothly. Our fourth appearance at this unique event was probably our best as our experiences from previous years ensured slick organisation all the way around the 195 mile route. There were many a great story from the weekend and you can read them all in the FORUM, although it might be wise to make a cup of tea first. Pete Stockdale got the team underway and finished a superb second on his stage. Whilst he missed out on the stage winner's prize, he was beaten by a vet (as in older generation, not a dog-healer) so his consolation prize is the fact he is the Senior Male record holder for the stage. We also have a second stage record holder as Stephen Price stormed to a 4 minute victory on Stage 15 of the relay. It was great to see so many old members (as in long standing, not ageing) alongside some new faces at the event and the honour of bringing the baton home fell to our oldest member (as in, he remembers when the world was black and white, but he's also pretty longstanding too) Bill Preston. Alas, it was Bill's fault we missed out on the prize for closest overall time to prediction, because he put in a great run and came back too quickly. We forgive you though. I'm sure we're all looking forward to next year's event already, but I'd like to thank the efforts of Brigitte Groves, Wendi Witton, Matt Dunn, Dave Mullaney, Pete Stockdale and Mark Willcocks for your organisational skills, time keeping, car moving and general supportiveness, plus all those that cycled and supported and made the weekend such a great one.

I thought Ann Hood was a certainty for the Grand Prix earlier this year, but her injury, and Pete Stockdale's return from injury have seen Pete sneak into the lead. As we enter the final quarter of the race, can either provide a sprint finish like Mo Farah to secure the title?

New Club Records
5km: David Gilbert (MV45) - 18:54, Rebecca Oliver (FV35) - 28:33
5 mile: Colin Hewes (MV55) - 36:00, Rebecca Oliver (FV35) - 48:49
Half Marathon: Christian Poulton (MV45) - 1:22:33, Charlotte Dutch (FV35) - 1:50:52
Marathon: Baljit Chohan (MV40) - 3:00:05

Personal Bests
5km: Peter Stockdale (16:49, 16:44), Ivan Jeary (20:20), Christopher Screeton (21:17), Peter Weatherill (23:30, 22:28), Peter Mickleburgh (22:57), Tony Follett (22:58), Terry Withington (23:34), Andy Newham (23:37), Paul Burgon (24:21), John Bide (25:21), Lisa Gittins (25:40), Zoe Stockdale (26:35), Rebecca Oliver (28:33), Alison Fryatt (29:33)
10km: Peter Stockdale (35:58), Michael Jarman (39:27), Ivan Jeary (42:11), David Smedley (45:02), David Greenwell (46:30), Claire Hesketh (48:19), Lisa Gittins (51:41), Andy Newham (52:08, 49:36), Alison Fryatt (1:03:57, 1:00:24)
10 mile: Jon Minto (1:15:01), David Greenwell (1:19:20)
Half Marathon: William Shippin (1:30:26), David Kelly (1:36:12), Christopher Screeton (1:37:54), Jon Minto (1:38:28), Christopher Screeton (1:39:46), Andrew Smith (1:40:27), Jonathan Channell (1:42:48), David Greenwell (1:45:37), Peter Mickleburgh (1:48:45), Charlotte Dutch (1:50:52), Andy Newham (1:53:32), Lisa Gittins (1:59:11), Zoe Stockdale (2:02:57), Simon Howard (2:13:16)
Marathon: Peter Stockdale (2:45:25), Baljit Chohan (3:00:05), Christopher Screeton (3:57:01)

5km: David Gilbert (18:37), Lisa Gittins (25:57)
5 mile: Adam Cox (31:46), David Kelly (33:54), Colin Hewes (36:00), Steven Jackson (38:26)
10km: David Kelly (46:06), Peter Weatherill (50:30), Terry Withington (54:55)
Half Marathon: Bill Gamba (1:40:10), Richard Parker (1:52:07), Peter Weatherill (1:54:32), John Bide (2:02:55), Joanne Pointon (2:13:33), Lee Simpson (2:14:36), Craig Simpson (2:14:36)
Marathon: David Smedley (3:55:10)
  • Thu Oct 06 2011, 10:39am
    Thanks Pete. Have added Zo into the PB list now smile

  • Tue Oct 04 2011, 03:07pm
    Great report and well done everyone on a good two months.

    Just a small 'big-up' for Zo who PB'd at the Nottingham Half Marathon, but as she hasn't yet put her result in on here she was missed from the report. Her fault, but kudos to her none-the-less.

  • Mon Oct 03 2011, 03:59pm
    Damned well done to one n all, keep up the fab work smile