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March Round-up

 Tue Apr 10 2012, 09:01am, 0 comments
What a month March was. There was obviously something in the UKnetrunner water last month as PBs were shattered all over the country. Read more

February Round-up

 Fri Mar 02 2012, 02:50pm, 0 comments
February started with heavy snowfall and ended with sunshine and mild weather making it hard to believe it was the same month. The middle of the month was a bit of a mix of weather and just a week after Dean Ward was sent home from Conkers Parkrun due to ice, there was a gathering of 12 UKnetrunners at the same venue for an East Midlands Parkrun day arranged by Lee Simpson. Read more

January Round-up

 Fri Feb 10 2012, 09:23am, 0 comments
Guest reporter this month as Mr Price has a busy weekend which has nothing to do with running !!!! Good luck with the big move Stephen.. Read more

December Round-up

 Tue Jan 10 2012, 07:58am, 0 comments
2011 came to an end with a flurry of PBs. Of course, plenty of you were racing on Christmas Eve and New Years' Eve with a handful of members even racing on Christmas Day / NYD. Read more

November Round-up

 Mon Dec 05 2011, 10:41am, 0 comments
November 2010 saw some extreme weather that resulted in a number of running races being cancelled. Such a change this year as milder weather continued through most of November, partly helping so many UKnetrunners to achieve PBs. Read more

October Round-up

 Fri Nov 11 2011, 09:42am, 0 comments
As the milder weather drags on through autumn it seemed to provide great conditions for running in October. Claire Hesketh and Ann Hood were flying the flag for the ladies breaking three club records between them and club new boy David Gilbert set about inscribing his name on the MV45 records. Read more

August & September Round-up

 Sat Oct 01 2011, 10:00am, 3 comments
Apologies for not producing a summary for August, but I've not really had much of a chance lately. But fear not, August is not forgotten as this month we have a double summary, which I hope will make up for having to look at a picture of Matt Dunn for such a long time. Read more

July Round-up

 Thu Aug 11 2011, 01:45pm, 0 comments
July was a busy month for Uknetrunners with lots of racing and lots of PBs. Of course we had the handicap event at the New Forest 10m where Matt Dunn ran away with the trophy (or at least he will do when he collects it at the AGM). Read more

June Round-up

 Wed Jul 06 2011, 10:00am, 0 comments
The weathermen promised us a warm & sunny June but apart from the last week, I can't recall them delivering on that promise. From a running perspective it's probably just aswell as the cooler than expected weather resulted in a huge number of personal bests. Read more

May Round-up

 Tue Jun 07 2011, 05:00pm, 0 comments
As April's unseasonally warm weather disappeared for a more changeable May, UKnetrunner saw a host of great performances, no doubt aided by the slightly cooler weather.

Bill Preston continues to make the most of his new age category setting club records over 10 miles and Half Marathon. Read more