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April Round-up

 Tue May 24 2011, 02:43pm, 0 comments
April was a long time ago now, but there were still some fine performances it's worth highlighting.

As always, London Marathon is a big focus in April, but Brighton is also getting a good attendance now too. Read more

March Round-up

 Mon Apr 18 2011, 10:40am, 0 comments
Once again I have to apologise about the (extremely) late posting of the monthly round-up. Things have been pretty hectic recently, but I hope it's worth the wait. Read more

February Round-up

 Thu Mar 10 2011, 12:00pm, 0 comments
Apologies for being late this month, I was away at the weekend not doing the Bath Half! But whilst my racing season came to an abrupt end before it even started, plenty of you have been making the most of the onset of spring.

February saw the introduction of club records being shown on the website. Read more

January Round-up

 Mon Feb 07 2011, 11:53am, 0 comments
2011 got off to a cracking start for UKnetrunner with a number of great performances. It only took a few hours of the new year for Ann Hood to set a new PB for 5k which would indicate she's going to have a great year. Read more

November Round-up

 Sun Dec 05 2010, 08:18pm, 0 comments
After the peak of October, things have taken a quieter turn in race-land for Uknetrunner. Almost half the number of results logged than normal and far fewer Personal Bests. Read more

October Round-up

 Sun Nov 14 2010, 07:55pm, 0 comments
October's always a busy month and 2010 was no exception. 12 marathons, 19 half marathons and 39 other races were logged on the club website and there were a whole host of PBs. Read more

September Round-up

 Mon Oct 11 2010, 09:28pm, 0 comments
September saw the autumn racing calendar sprint into action with plenty of club members achieving personal best performances. The cooler conditions in autumn generally mean that half and full marathons are the focus of runners' attention, but there was nothing cool about UKnetrunners' performances in September. Read more

August Round-up

 Thu Sep 09 2010, 09:40am, 0 comments
After the highs of July August was a quiet month. Maybe everyone are preparing themselves for their autumn targets, which for some begin this weekend with the Robin Hood Festival of Running and the Great North Run next weekend. Read more

July Round-up

 Mon Aug 02 2010, 05:33pm, 2 comments
July was a popular month for racing and saw plenty of PBs. Although a few club members hoarded the lion's share of the PBs with Ian Thomas, Mark Hill and Rebecca Oliver clocking an impressive 9 PBs between them. Read more

June Round-up

 Sun Jul 04 2010, 07:26pm, 0 comments
After two big months perhaps the summer heat is encouraging club members to work on their short distance speed. This month we saw a big number of PBs over 5k, 5m and 10k and the Grand Prixs continues to get tighter, but David Kindred is holding on to his lead. Read more