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Grand Prix

Grand Prix

 Fri Jan 02 2015, 03:27pm, 0 comments
The Grand Prix has been reset for 2015. Congratulations to Stephen Price and David More who were the 2014 Group 1 / Group 2 winners. Read more

2012 Grand Prix has started

 Mon Dec 26 2011, 12:00am, 0 comments
The Grand Prix has been re-started for 2012 and the results are already flying in. The new scoring rules have been implemented so here's a reminder of those changes:

- Max number of counting races of any one distance reducing from 3 to 2
- Qualifying distance categories being re-structured to (1) 5k or 5m; (2) 10k or 12k; (3) 10m or HM; (4) 20m or Mara

You can view all the rules HERE. Read more

Grand Prix

 Thu Jan 24 2008, 09:58pm, 1 comment
It's happened.. Read more