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Ultras & Relay Events

Round Norfolk Relay

 Fri Sep 21 2012, 01:34pm, 0 comments
The club successfully completed it's 5th Round Norfolk Relay last weekend, arriving back in King's Lynn on Sunday with a finish time of 27:42:29.

Once again the sun shone as the runners and support crew made their way around Norfolk, starting with Club Captain, Matt Dunn, at 6:30am on Saturday morning. Read more

Ridgeway Relay 20th June

 Sat May 15 2010, 01:00am, 0 comments
The Ridgeway Relay is a team relay, which runs the 90 mile length of the Ridgeway from Aylesbury to Marlborough and is organised by Marlborough Running Club. It is run over ten legs, the legs varying in length from 5. Read more

Round Norfolk Relay 2009

 Sun Sep 20 2009, 06:52pm, 2 comments
UKNR smash last years time
After last year's debut in this event there's been much talk and anticipation on the forum about the 2009 edition. Planning commenced at the start of the year and after an early morning for the chairman our place was confirmed as the event sold out within minutes of entries opening. Read more

Ridgeway Relay 21st June 2009

 Tue May 05 2009, 01:00am, 0 comments
UKnetrunner.CO. Read more

Relays Have a New Home

 Wed Feb 11 2009, 09:20pm, 0 comments
Some of you may already be aware (if you already visit the forum) that a new home has been created for all Relay specific threads. For those members who aren’t aware or haven’t visited the forum before, this can be found on the main forum page, immediately below the AGM section. Read more

Round Norfolk Relay 2009

 Fri Feb 06 2009, 05:20pm, 2 comments
Following UKnetrunner's successful debut in this event last year, it has been agreed to submit another entry for 2009. The event will be run on the weekend of 19th/20th September, starting at Dawn on the Saturday with an expected finish no more than 28 hours later on the Sunday morning. Read more


 Tue Aug 19 2008, 05:21pm, Disabled
A fantastic team effort saw UKnetrunner take part in, and successfully complete the Round Norfolk Relay - 20/21 September 2008.

The 17 runners representing UKnetrunner were:-

- Shaun Bonner
- Matt Dunn
- Andrew Downs
- Wendi Witton
- Colin Hewes
- Jeannie Hamers
- Krissie Newton
- Helen Cross
- Stephen Allenby
- Mark Willcocks
- Stephen Price
- David Robertson
- David Kindred
- Alan Lacey
- Bill Preston
- Joanne Onions
- Brigitte Groves

The team could not have managed without the fantastic support of:-

- Steve Gunn (timekeeper)
- Laura Preston (cycle support)
- Wendi, Brigitte, Mark (car support)

With incidental, but vital, support from others in the team - and their families - which all combined to making the event such a fantastic success!

The UKnetrunner Forum contains stage by stage account of the entire event - including some great photographs, a video put together by Krissie - check it out!

Alan Lacey
Chairman - UKnetrunner. Read more

Ridgeway Relay - 15th June 2008

 Mon Jun 16 2008, 03:50pm, 0 comments
It's happened - UKnetrunner versus the Ridgeway Relay - and we had a great time. 33rd out of 39 - but then lots of other teams cheated by having 1 runner for each stage (and by being fitter and stronger than us). Read more

Ridgeway Relay - 15th June 2008

 Tue Apr 22 2008, 10:40pm, Disabled
Places are still available in the UKnetrunner team in the Ridgeway Relay on 15th June 2008. The event is a 85 mile relay, made up of 10 runners runing different length stages from Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire to Overton Hill near Marlborough. Read more

Round Norfolk Relay - 20th & 21st September 2008

 Sat Feb 02 2008, 09:53pm, Disabled
UKnetrunner has entered 1 team in the unique "Round Norfolk Relay" - a 193 mile, 17 stage event held on 20th & 21st September 2008. A new section has been created on the UKnetrunner website to bring you up to date details of the club's preparations for the event. Read more