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parkrun autumn challenge!!! - https://www.uknetrunner.co.uk/apps/racing/handicaps.php

 Thu Dec 24 2020, 10:37am, 0 comments
And we are off!!! parkrun autumn challenge...
parkrun Autumn challenge
Week 2 of the parkrun challenge... keep going all.. It takes a while for the results to filter through and so avoid the words of Corporal Jones and 'don't panic!!!!!'

For this event any parkrun on any Saturday in September (and the first one in October) will count towards the competition. Your handicap time is based on your best performance over the handicap event distance (in this case 5K), or a similar distance, within the 12 months prior to the handicap event. For this event all handicap times will be calculated prior to 29th August. If, and we hope this is the case, you improve on your handicap time during September your original handicap time will still stand for the duration of the competition.

December 2020

Happy Xmas!!!
Christmas eve 2020! We are still gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic and the seismic changes that have occurred and we continue to face. Although running races as we knew in 2019 are largely closed, we have seen a rise in virtual runs. Uknetrunners have been running, challenging themselves and remaining positive. Not at all easy.

The recent good news in the discovery of a vaccine gives us hope. As the most vulnerable members of society get vaccinated, this could lead to society opening. Gyms are currently open and outdoor exercise is encouraged, but with restrictions. Recently on twitter, head of parkrun Tom Williams said he was confident of parkrun being opened by the end of spring 2021 (June time). What this information says to me is that there is hope, but we need to remain patient.

With our racing and running, please use the results board to log a fast run. We opened this option with the knowledge that there are few races. Our Grand Prix, decimated by race cancellations can keep going in this way. It’s not ideal, but offers a way forwards in these difficult times. On this note, I am focusing on my 1-mile time; why 1 mile? It’s short enough so that I don’t suffer sore knees, which become inflamed if I run long distances sadly.

We have had a couple of difficult years and are out sync. We awarded 2018 to Stephen Price, our chair who died tragically and suddenly. This was awarded to Michelle at our AGM in September 2019. We missed out 2019 and now have to award 2019 and 2020. It’s odd, not ideal, but this is where we are at. How to do it? Look at the results on the website? Look at the comments on our social media pages namely facebook, look on STRAVA? Via personal information?

What to do? Please have a read of the criteria and nominate a UKnetrunner for the award; one person for 2019 and one for 2020 (it can be the same person).

Criteria for UKNetrunner of the Year
A trophy is to be awarded to the person most deserving as chosen by the club membership. This need not be a running achievement; it may be anyone who, in the eyes of the membership, has contributed greatly to the club.

How to nominate? Very easy. Open the link and nominate: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2VSL9MC

Next AGM.. End of January online..
Next AGM.. End of January online..
Up to 100 members, UKnetrunner 2021 AGM
Sunday, 31 January 2021⋅16:00 – 17:30

Happy Xmas all, keep running, sharing your experiences via social media…

Dec 24th 2020