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June Handicap - The Results

 Tue Jul 02 2013, 08:51am, 0 comments
Tomorrow will be the 1st July, scary that half the year is over already , no doubt those with Autumn marathons planned are already thinking about their training plans. For those that haven’t booked anything in yet why not consider Robin Hood Nottingham marathon or the half marathon (29th September) – I’m fairly sure Lincoln green tights are not compulsory. It also means that June is over and so is the summer handicap.

I was delighted at how many of you competed (30) and also those who took on the challenge of finding and running in different parkrun events over the course of the month.

Top marks go to Ann Hood – who toured up and down the east coast of Scotland with buggy in tow - but on occasions she un-hitched herself from “the wee man” to twice run impressive sub 20 times.

Another “fiver” was Simon Hibbert who seemed to be leading nearly every category at one stage. Simon found 5 different parkruns in East Anglia – he even ventured into Norfolk & Cambridgeshire as well as his home county of Suffolk – a great effort in a rural part of the country.

Completing the 100%ers were south midlanders Will Shippin & Peter O’Grady, who are both regular parkrunners. Will was especially dedicated even running a sub 20 5k in the morning before a 24-hour endurathon (I’m not sure that was entirely wise Will!)

A “highly commended” goes to Mark Hill who ran 4 Yorkshire events over the month & to Mike Hudson who ran 4 events so obscure I’ve had to look them up and having done that I suspect Mike of moonlighting as a long-distance lorry driver at the weekends.

A limited edition Uknetrunner mug will be despatched forthwith to all of the above – please let me know if it is ok to send this to the address you have registered with us or you would like it sent somewhere different.

In the keenly contested WAVA category both Will Shippin & Ann Hood scored a very impressive 75+% but top dog was Peter Stockdale who eschewed his usual preference for longer distances and proved there are still some fast twitch fibres in his ultra legs. No doubt after his next 20mile plus training run he will enjoy a restorative cuppa out of his well earned Uknetrunner mug.

In the consistency category Simon Hibbert led the pack with his 3rd best time just 2 seconds off his predicted handicap time and just two seconds behind him came Tony Follet, one of the small but elite band of Uknetrunners down in the south west.
Because this was such a closely fought category Tony will be receiving a mug too.

The overall winner of the competition, and who will have to wait for his trophy to be presented at the AGM in January is Andy Earp - who blew away the competition with a very impressive net 12:14. Well done Andy. Andy is another long distance runner who rarely bothers with anything less than a marathon - perhaps this success will have him reconsidering?

Also a special mention for Bill “Preso” Preston who came out of semi-retirement to canter round Congleton towards the end of the month. Nice one Bill, you're clearly not ready for your pipe and slippers just yet.

Check out the full results here, or by clicking the Handicap Events menu item.

I hope you all enjoyed this competition. If you have any suggestions for changes to the handicap system or ideas for new competitions, or events that can be used as handicap races please drop me a mail or suggest it on the forum.

Please consider the Robin Hood Marathon in September and indeed the Round Norfolk Relay which is happening a couple of weeks earlier on 14-15 September - there are still stages available without a runner for this great team event .