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June Handicap

 Thu May 30 2013, 03:50pm, 1 comments
A different Handicap Competition for June

Many of you have never entered the handicap competitions before, due no doubt to a variety of reasons. This one is slightly different and hopefully there will be many more participants. For this event any parkrun on any Saturday in June will count towards the competition.

For those who don’t know about parkruns: They are free, timed 5k runs at a park near you. Go to http://www.parkrun.org.uk to get registered. Once that is done enter your parkrun ID number at http://www.uknetrunner.co.uk (once you have logged in) by editing your profile, then all your parkrun performances will automatically register on your Uknetrunner race profile, this makes checking the competition results much easier. If you have already registered for parkrun then the ID number is printed on your barcode (ignore the initial letter - just use the digits).

How it Works

Your handicap time is based on your best performance over the handicap event distance (in this case 5K), or a similar distance, within the 12 months prior to the handicap event. For this event all handicap times will be calculated prior to June 1st – If, and we hope this is the case, you improve on your handicap time during June your original handicap time will still stand for the duration of the competition.

There is a more detailed explanation here: Handicap Rules

What do you have to do?

All club members will be automatically entered in this handicap event, we’ll calculate the handicap times and let you know at the start of June what these are.

Just register with parkrun & enter your ID on your UKnetrunner profile as explained above, then get out and run your local (or not so local) parkrun on as many Saturdays in June as you like – Don’t forget your barcode!

The Winner(s)

Will be the runner with the best time, handicap adjusted, in any of the parkruns they have run in June. The winner will get a 5k trophy presented at the AGM at the end of year plus the immortality of an entry on the honours board on the club website.

In addition a few Uknetrunner mugs have been produced for the following categories.

Most parkruns visited during June i.e Different parkrun locations.
Most consistent performer. This is for any runner who has ran at least 3 parkruns in June. Their 3rd best time will be used.
Best age-graded performance. The age-graded scores are listed against each performance on the parkrun website