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London Marathon 2017 - Club Ballot Info

 Sat Oct 08 2016, 08:54am, 0 comments
If you miss out in the open ballot, here's how you can get a club place

Those of you that entered the Virgin Money London Marathon ballot should soon hear whether you're in or not. For those of you that get the dreaded "Sorry" magazine, fear not, we should be allocated two places by virtue of our affiliation with England Athletics.

Whilst we cannot confirm places until December, when the VMLM provide us with confirmation, we would like to draw the club places by the end of October to enable our members to make other plans if they miss out.

These places are offered subject to the bylaws of the Club Constitution (available on the website) and with the caveat that these places are unconfirmed until we have official confirmation from the VMLM.

If you wish to be included in the draw you should e-mail confirmation of your rejection (e.g. scan of rejection slip) to @ by 30 October.

UKnetrunner London Marathon Bylaws
V) The club, as being part of the UK Athletics Association, shall receive no less than 1(one) Guaranteed Entry for the London Marathon each year.
VI) The decision on who receives any allocated places will be made by a random draw organised by a nominated member of the Committee (the “Draw Secretary”) and subject to the criteria as described below.
VII) The draw is open to all fully paid First Claim members only.
VIII) A draw entrant MUST have been a club member since July 1st in the year preceding the race for which the draw is being held (i.e. for the 2015 race, membership must date back to July 2014).
IX) Draw entrants must attempt to enter the London Marathon open ballot. If the ballot closes due to reaching its limit before a member has been able to enter, that member will still be eligible for the club ballot by e-mailing the Chairperson within one week of the open ballot closing.
X) Draw entrants must supply to the Draw Secretary before the draw takes place, proof that they entered the general ballot for a London Marathon place.
XI) Failure to adhere to any of conditions in VII) to X) above, will render the entrant ineligible for the draw.
XII) In order to maintain a degree of fairness, a member who wins that place in the Marathon in any one year, shall become ineligible for the draw for the subsequent two years.*
XIII) Should a member, through illness and/or injury, be unable to take up his place as a draw winner, then he/she shall retain that place for the following year and enter accordingly by London Marathon rules and regulations.
XIV) This guaranteed place remains continuously under the rules and regulations of the London Marathon and at no time is transferable, except in XV) below. XV) Should the draw winner feel that he/she will be unable to compete, for whatever reason, there is the option to transfer that place to another eligible club member (declared as Reserve at the time of draw). This option is restricted by date limitations as declared by the London Marathon.
XVI) Any member winning a club place under the above system will be required to wear a UKnetrunner club vest.

*2015: Colin Hewes, Graeme McTait, Lisa Humphreys; 2016: Robert Hundley, Gary Jefferis