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Matt Dunn, Marathon Man

 Mon May 21 2012, 02:31pm, 1 comments
Many of you will know already that our Club Captain took part in the Windermere 10 marathons in 10 days. It's taken a huge amount of training, preparation and injury prevention. And running the marathons is far from just a physical effort, it must take a huge amount of mental resolve to keep getting out there each day and fight through the pain barrier once again. In fact, it's pretty hard for me to imagine quite what kind of all-round effort is required to complete such an undertaking, but I know it must be bloody tough. So massive respect to Matt for completing his 10 in 10. You can read about his exploits (and his daily food pic) via his blog:


And Matt's daily marathon times:

Day 1: 3:44:21
Day 2: 3:52:28
Day 3: 3:30:36
Day 4: 3:33:23
Day 5: 3:33:04
Day 6: 3:35:42
Day 7: 3:55:06
Day 8: 3:37:31
Day 9: 4:22
Day 10: 3:54:34

If you think this marvellous effort is worthy of a charitable donation, please visit Matt's Just Giving page. Donations go to the Brathay Trust who work with many of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in the UK to help them develop the skills, confidence and motivation to make positive choices in their lives