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Member Spotlight

 Tue Aug 19 2014, 01:05pm, 0 comments
Claire Hesketh and Mike Jarman.............soon to be Mr and Mrs Jarman!
Mike Jarman and Claire Hesketh became Mr and Mrs Jarman on Saturday 16th August!
We thought it would be a good idea to put them under the spotlight before the big day so we asked them a few questions about their passion for running and for each other!
We wish Mike and Claire all the best for the future! 
 DM: How long have you been running and how long have you been UKNetrunner members? 

Mike - I've run all my life. Joining Peterborough Athletics Club at 11 or 12. My younger brother had already joined and my dad couldn't be in two places at once so I had to join too. I joined UKNetrunner just after it launched having known the founders on line using "another forum site"

Claire - I'd run at school, and then first did GNR in 1984 but didn't run for 22 years after that. I tried lots of other sports, coming back to running when I did GNR again for Alzheimers in 2006 and I haven't stopped since. I joined UKNetrunner in January 2009 as it sounded like Michael had had far too much fun at NTRIX (Not the Roman IX) and the club's AGM, and l thought I should keep an eye on him.

DM: How did you meet? 

Both: - We met "virtually" on a Runners World discussion forum. The regular posters started meeting at races, and that's how we met in the "real world" after which we became friends on line.

DM: Are you competitive with each other? 

Mike:  No lol!

Claire:  We are both fiercely competitive in all parts of our lives and that extends to running. Fortunately we favour different distances, however there is a private competition to see which one of us can first hold all our age group records on the club! I'm winning this but Michael has the biggest WAVA ..... at the moment.

DM: What are your highlights of your time as a UKNetrunner member?

Mike: - Oddly for me my best memory comes from supporting Claire at Edinburgh marathon in 2009 which was also a club handicap event. A great weekend enhanced by the presence of some fine people. 

Claire - absolutely it has to be RNR (Round Norfolk Relay). I've done it 5 times now and love it, love it, love it! I was really nervous the first time meeting new people but everybody made me very welcome and now it feels like coming home for the weekend. And we have a dazzling collection of race mementos and I have achieved fame for my "visits to the bushes". 

DM:Enough said about that Claire!............Moving on....... What are your plans for an honeymoon?.....and will it include any running?

Both: We are spending the first week in a National Trust property in Snowdonia. There will be lots of physical activity some of which will be running. After that we have a week to just wander where the mood and weather takes us.

DM: What other events have you got coming up this year?

Both:  RNR again of course this being a running year for Michael (he alternates between running and supporting). And GNR raising money for QE Hospital in Gateshead. Claire is looking for some more club records before the year is out. But the big joint target is to lay a great base level including speed work (for Claire) before we start training for Brighton marathon in the new year.NTRIX should arrive when we are both fast but before the mileage becomes too tiring. Claire says - so watch out Big Dave you'll be eating dust in 2015 (DM - bearing in mind I had Claire chomping at my heels for most of the race this year!