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Robin Hood Marathon

 Thu Jan 01 1970, 01:00am, 0 comments
As I have suspected for some time I just do not seem to be able to build stamina for the marathon.
I got really worried during training when the 22 miles took well over 3 hours,
I got to 10 miles in 1.15 (just as I planned) and was running well within my self. The half was done in 1.39 which was OK but as I got to 13 miles my thighs started to feel tired.
I had planned to get to 20 miles in 2.25/2.30 but had slowed to 2.35.
Even then I had 55 minutes to get round in 3.30.
The rowing centre had a wicked head wind between 19-20 and the energy I used up to fight it to stay on pace did for me.
My last 6 miles were 8.38, 9.07, 8.59, 8.54 – so 3.30 was still on then my legs just went (cramp spasms had already started by then) and I crawled back in 10.19 and 10.31 (with 2.02 for the last .2)

The only thing that I can put my finger on is a couple of big blisters which made running on the gravel paths between 21-23 painful but what really shocked me was the total lack of energy that started at 16 but I fought until 21.

I took on loads of water and sports drinks and even forced down some energy bars.

I suppose knocking 9 minutes off the PB and beating my last time at Nottingham by 29 minutes was OK but I do feel gutted not to have got around in under 3:30.
But 3:33:45 will, I suspect, be as good as it gets.
I am going to turn my attention to the half and 10 miles.
[Submitted by Mike Pullon]