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Spring Marathon Fever

 Thu Apr 30 2015, 03:47pm, 0 comments
UKnetrunner members were out in force in April running various spring marathons. Below is a taste of some of their reports from the members forum. See the forum for full reports
Ivan Jeary - Stratford Shakespeare Marathon
Conditions were good. I lined up fairly near the front with the idea of running around 7:10-7:15 per mile, with the thought of getting under 3hrs10mins. After 2 miles I was running closer to 7mins/mile, but rather than knock off the pace, I thought "this feels all right, I can do this". Got to half way in 1hr33mins, knowing I was going too fast and it wouldn't end well. At around 18 miles I got cramp in my foot At 20 miles I turned for home into a headwind and could feel energy draining away, somehow making it to 22miles in 2:38 (still on PB pace), then I absolutely detonated. KABOOM! It was run/walk from there, mostly walk to be fair, and it was just a case of getting to the end. Jogged it in to finish in 3hrs 19mins 39secs. Which is 7 mins slower than 2 weeks ago (at Taunton Marathon), but actually ok considering. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Live and learn!
Colin Hewes – Virgin London Marathon 
Historically I have never had very good marathon runs. And all marathons this century have all been over 4hrs. I had one simple aim today. Get home in under 4 hours.
To be honest for much of the run I was well on target and went through half way in 1:50. I was feeling absolutely fine at this point and even around the 18 mile mark I was ahead of the 3:45 pacers. That's the point when it all started to fall apart. I suddenly started to experience cramps in my right leg which almost stopped me in my tracks. I had to use a mixture of walking and slow running to try to get rid of it, but psychologically it was starting to play with my mind and what seemed a dead cert sub 4, was suddenly starting to look like a distant dream. I struggled for the next few miles but did manage to pick it up a bit around the 22 mile mark. Suddenly it was on again. Pushed on and eventually passed under the finish gantry in 3:58. Job done and very pleased with myself. Chip time shows 3:55:09.
Dom Stevens – Manchester Marathon 
“I found the 3.45 pacer and started behind them. The first few miles were stop and start and keeping with the pacer was difficult as he kept having to speed up and slow down. So I just kept to my 8.30 pace. The plan was to average about 8.50 pace but to hold 8.30 pace for as long as possible as I have always struggled in the last 6 miles of a marathon.

The route takes you out and back past Old Trafford with good support at the start, then it heads towards Sale.

The race narrows through Sale and was a bit tight with the number of runners in the race. The miles were ticking off nicely at this point and kept going heading through Altringham with a bit of a hill to make it interesting and more great support. Managed to hold my 8.30 ish pace until just before 20 miles as I headed into Carrington. After this I slowed to 9.30ish pace which seemed confortable

I was thrown a bit at 22 miles as the market was 1/4 early messed with my head a bit at a time when you don’t need that in a marathon. I battled on to 23 miles and knew sub 4 was in the bag. I was starting to struggle a little but knew I would make my target and was still ahead of the average target pace. Those last three miles allowed myself one 200 metre fast walk just to refresh the legs, all controlled, and still not impact on target time.

With 1.5 miles to go you can see Old Trafford in the distance. At about the 800 metres point the crowd support was increasing. I turned the last corner and ran what I thought was a sprint finish (but I am sure it didn’t look that way !) I finished in 3h 51m 50s a 13 minute pb and finally cracked 4 hours after 5 marathon attempts.”