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Website Upgrade

 Tue Nov 24 2015, 07:14pm, 1 comments
A fresh new look for the best online running club in the UK!

Welcome to the new look UKnetrunner website, we hope you like it. Some of the changes are listed below and we'd greatly appreciate any feedback (good or bad).

Stephen - Chairman & Website Administrator

New Features

  • Congratulate your clubmates on good race results
  • Wish clubmates luck for upcoming races
  • Add comments on the event calendar
  • Suggest events to clubmates
  • Handicap events now synchronised with the even calendar
  • Add clubmates as friends to keep up-to-date with their results and upcoming races
  • Comment on the grand prix
  • WAVA now shown for all "standard distance" race results
  • Club records updated with all age categories
  • Get notifications about

Website Header

We'd like to add more images of our members to the website header. If you've got any landscape photos of you in club colours, please e-mail them to @.

Watch out for gremlins

We've put a lot of effort into making sure everything works as we'd planned, but inevitably there will be some gremlins in the system somewhere. We're sorry if one of these jumps out and scares you, but please let us know by e-mailing @. No matter how small something might seem, please contact us so that we can get everything working well.

  • Sat Mar 26 2016, 02:23pm
    Hi Stephen. I have a problem when trying to renew my membership. each time I click the link I get the message Error 404 - Document Not Found. is there another way to access the payment page?
    Many thanks
    Tony Tamburro