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Ridgeway Relay - 15th June 2008

 Mon Jun 16 2008, 03:50pm, 0 comments
It's happened - UKnetrunner versus the Ridgeway Relay - and we had a great time. 33rd out of 39 - but then lots of other teams cheated by having 1 runner for each stage (and by being fitter and stronger than us). Read more

Ridgeway Relay - 15th June 2008

 Tue Apr 22 2008, 10:40pm, Disabled
Places are still available in the UKnetrunner team in the Ridgeway Relay on 15th June 2008. The event is a 85 mile relay, made up of 10 runners runing different length stages from Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire to Overton Hill near Marlborough. Read more


 Sun Apr 13 2008, 10:58am, Disabled
2 UKnetrunners in the first 400 finishers!
Finishing Times (Provisional Chip Times) 162nd place - Nick Houlton - 2:38:31 - Fantastic finishing time - well done Nick! 377th place - Stephen Price - 2:47:27 (PERSONAL BEST) - Excellent achievement Stephen - well done! Keith Luxon - 3:09:57 (PERSONAL BEST) - Brilliant - congratulations Keith! John Brewer - 3:59:54 - under 4 hours - great run John! Laura Foster - 4:18:35 - Great run Laura - first club lady home - you did the club colours proud! Nick Dunk - 4:23:35- (PERSONAL BEST) Great run Nick. David Kindred - 4:26:01 - (PERSONAL BEST) Fab finishing time David - representing UKnetrunner well! Brigitte Groves - 4:29:06 - huge improvement on last year Brigitte - so close to a PB! - well done! Wendi Witton - 4:49:35 - great performance - well done Wendi! Colin Wells (Scooby!) - 6:18:17 - well done Colin - was it in your 2008 Soldier Scooby outfit? (as seen in Runnrs World Magazine!) Darren Reevell is reported to have finished safely . Read more

Round Norfolk Relay - 20th & 21st September 2008

 Sat Feb 02 2008, 09:53pm, Disabled
UKnetrunner has entered 1 team in the unique "Round Norfolk Relay" - a 193 mile, 17 stage event held on 20th & 21st September 2008. A new section has been created on the UKnetrunner website to bring you up to date details of the club's preparations for the event. Read more

Grand Prix

 Thu Jan 24 2008, 09:58pm, 1 comment
It's happened.. Read more

2008 AGM Minutes

 Thu Jan 24 2008, 07:58am, Disabled

UKnetrunner Handicap race - Not the Roman IX 12k - 20th January 2008

 Tue Jan 22 2008, 06:26pm, Disabled
And the winner is .. Read more

UKnetrunner AGM - 20th January 2008

 Mon Jan 21 2008, 06:00pm, Disabled
The 5th UKnetrunner AGM was held in the Fox Inn at Loxley nr Stratford Upon Avon on 20th January 2008.

Details of the meeting will be featured on this website shortly. Read more

UKnetrunner Handicap Race – Not the Roman IX 12k race, Stratford Upon Avon 20th January 2008

 Tue Jan 15 2008, 10:57pm, Disabled


i) Each UKnetrunner member racing the event will be allocated a handicap for the race based on their best performance since 1/1/2007 at distances of:

12k or 10k (whichever gives the best time per km)

If no time has been logged on the club website at these distances the time will be based on the runners fastest:

5 mile time or 5k time if no 5 mile time has been run/posted.

ii) To be considered in the handicap race runners must have run at least one of these distances since 1st Jan 2007 (this rule is likely to be tightened for future handicap events)

iii) The time per km will then be multiplied by 12 to give a 12km equivalent for each runner. Read more

2008 comes to UKnetrunner

 Mon Jan 14 2008, 08:39pm, Disabled
After a small new year delay, we've updated the age-graded league to reflect the fact that it is now 2008. The new league is available here. Read more