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April Round-up

 Fri May 11 2012, 03:53pm, 0 comments
April, the start of spring, the resurrection of marathon dreams, the running on water! What a month it was. It seemed that the only day without rain was London Marathon day. Read more

March Round-up

 Tue Apr 10 2012, 09:01am, 0 comments
What a month March was. There was obviously something in the UKnetrunner water last month as PBs were shattered all over the country. Read more

Wilmslow Half Marathon - Club Handicap

 Mon Mar 26 2012, 05:20pm, 0 comments
In contrast to the MK Half at the start of the month, Wilmslow was bathed in glorious sunshine for the weekend's half marathon and club handicap. Runners also lost an hours sleep due to the clocks changing, so coupled with the unseasonally warm temperatures, it was a tough morning to be racing. Read more

Milton Keynes Half Marathon - Club Handicap

 Mon Mar 05 2012, 11:40am, 0 comments
Sunday saw the second club handicap event of the year and despite a couple of withdrawals due to injury we had 10 club members braving the wind and rain. Despite lovely sunshine in the week before the race, and again the day after, the comedy gods had obviously decided to make things a little more challenging for our brave runners. Read more

February Round-up

 Fri Mar 02 2012, 02:50pm, 0 comments
February started with heavy snowfall and ended with sunshine and mild weather making it hard to believe it was the same month. The middle of the month was a bit of a mix of weather and just a week after Dean Ward was sent home from Conkers Parkrun due to ice, there was a gathering of 12 UKnetrunners at the same venue for an East Midlands Parkrun day arranged by Lee Simpson. Read more

January Round-up

 Fri Feb 10 2012, 09:23am, 0 comments
Guest reporter this month as Mr Price has a busy weekend which has nothing to do with running !!!! Good luck with the big move Stephen.. Read more

Not the Roman IX 12k

 Tue Jan 17 2012, 01:42pm, 0 comments
Straford-upon-Avon once again saw a mass gathering of runners clad in white, red and blue as UKnetrunner descended on Shakespeare country for the Not the Roman IX 12k and club AGM. Having won the event outright in two of the previous three years, and picking up a men's team prize in each of those three years, it was a question of "To be or not to be" as 27 UKnetrunners toeing the line. Read more

December Round-up

 Tue Jan 10 2012, 07:58am, 0 comments
2011 came to an end with a flurry of PBs. Of course, plenty of you were racing on Christmas Eve and New Years' Eve with a handful of members even racing on Christmas Day / NYD. Read more

2012 Grand Prix has started

 Mon Dec 26 2011, 12:00am, 0 comments
The Grand Prix has been re-started for 2012 and the results are already flying in. The new scoring rules have been implemented so here's a reminder of those changes:

- Max number of counting races of any one distance reducing from 3 to 2
- Qualifying distance categories being re-structured to (1) 5k or 5m; (2) 10k or 12k; (3) 10m or HM; (4) 20m or Mara

You can view all the rules HERE. Read more

Merry Christmas

 Sat Dec 24 2011, 08:19am, 0 comments
We'd like to wish all UKnetrunners a very Merry Christmas. We hope that you have a great time, whether it be with family, friends, or Parkrunners. Read more