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Hannah Oldroyd

Check out the UKnetrunner club records and you will see Hannah Oldroyd’s name across all the Female Senior records with the exception of the 12k distance! Hannah has had many podium places whilst representing UKnetrunnner…… an astounding year!

Earlier this year we took the opportunity to ask Hannah a few questions about her running. 

Hannah OldroydUKn:  How long have you been running competitively and what got you interested?

HO: I entered my first race, the Yorkshire 10k in 2008, as I needed an aim after leaving an active job a couple of years earlier and as a result, doing less exercise. Running started for me, on a treadmill, as I could take my study notes after work and read them whilst running. I've only been running more competitively over the past 18 months or so, the main interest being the travel to new places, which comes from running various races around the country.

UKn:  Where you live in Bingley is renowned as a 'hot-bed' for fell running. Have you ever done any fell running and would this be a future aspiration.

HO: Twice and never again! I ran a couple of local fell races a few years ago, but I'm too clumsy and much prefer tarmac over hills and mud. Thankfully Bingley is also home to the Leeds Liverpool Canal, no hill training here!

UKn: There are some good running clubs in the local area, what made you join the UKnetrunners?

HO:  I liked the idea of an online club, as you're more likely to bump into other members around the country when travelling around to races, for example meeting Andy Lane mid-race at VLM this year. Plus, local clubs like you to run locally and cross country, neither of which I do much of.

UKn: What is your favourite distance and race?

HO: Anything! So long as it's on tarmac.... The best race this year was the Kent Roadrunner Marathon, just a fantastic event all-round, with a truly unique atmosphere.

UKn: Are there any events that you would like to do or are planning for the future?

HO: Melbourne Marathon is on the future to-do list. Plus the Shamrockin' Guinness Challenge Run in New Orleans has to be done in future for definite.

UKn: Well done with your success this year at the Ramathon. Did you set out with the aim to win the ladies race or was is it one of those days where everything came together?     

HO: It was only entered on the basis that we were coming up to a weekend with nothing entered and had run it last year, so knew it was flat. I never expected to win, just set off steadily as usual and the legs held up enough to nose in front.

UKn: You currently hold all the records for your gender and age group at UKnetrunner except for the unusual 12k distance. Any plans to come to the Not the Roman 9 race next January and bag that one too? No idea! It may well be on cards as a race to do, but January's races will probably be plotted as the last minute as usual smile

UKnetrunner note: Since answering these questions Hannah has continued with her excellent performances, regularly clocking 18 minute 5k’s at local parkrun’s, Yorkshire and Leicester marathons both sub 3 hours, and 1st lady at the hilly Guy Fawkes 10 mile with a time of 1hour 7 minutes!

We look forward to 2016 and more successes!

  • Fri Dec 04 2015, 10:26pm
    Meeting in London... the pleasure was all-mine... I had heard you on Marathon Talk.. and that was a fabulous performance.