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Shaun Bonner

Shaun receives his UKNR of the year award

Dave Mullaney: How long have you been running and what got you interested?

Shaun Bonner: I've been running in this mind frame since September 2005, it wasn't really an interest but a real need to lose weight & get healthy, I was 17+ stone and gaining, which I wasn't happy about, as in the past I'd been quite naturally fit as an active footballer & boxer in my previous military career, so I decided to make a life change before it was too late.

DM: You have been a member of UKnetrunner now for nearly 8 years. How did you find out about the club and what did you like about it?

SB: David Robertson (Lincsfella) introduced me to UKNR in 2007, we were buddies on a running forum at the time, we both had the same issue of not having time to join a local club, UKNR fitted the bill then as it does now. I enjoy the fact you can have interaction with fellow club mates as often or as little as you choose and also everyone within the club is equal from those in the elite class to runners who class themselves as plodders, to me that is priceless and fundamentally what UKNR is all about.

DM: Any highlights of your time as a UKnetrunner?

SB: Round Norfolk Relay along with every time UKNR's get to meet up at events as we have such as Edinburgh Mara, GER, Nottingham Marathon, Ramathon, NTRIX, I really enjoy seeing and being a part of the flood of UKNR vest's/shirts at an event

DM: What is your favourite race distance and race?.....and why?

SB: The Marathon without a doubt is my favourite distance, I have done different variations of a Marathon on road and cross country and its the one distance that I really get a buzz about, once I get past 18 miles that is lol, the Sea Bank Marathon is the one marathon I would do if I could only do one marathon a year, its local to me and I 1st ran it in 2006, I've ran it every year since (I think), the terrain is different every year as the bank becomes weathered or the farmers change crops in fields you go through, the past couple of years the distance has been increased due to the start now being in Boston town center BUT the terrain always makes it feel like you've completed an Ultra and being in June it always tends to be a hot one.

DM: You have recently stepped up to the Ultra distance races (thinking the Grim Reaper!). What attracted you to it and have you any plans to run any more?

SB: the Grim Reaper Ultra's (40, 70 & 100) appealed due it its simplicity really, that is, its a well organised event of 10 mile laps in a safe a secure area with no navigation required and again its local to me so although it can appear pricey there is no extra costs for me such as long distance travel or over night accommodation, having run the Grim 40 twice, I'm hoping to move up to the Grim 70 this year but as of yet the event has not been confirmed, Ultras certainly appeal and if Grim doesn't happen then I shall look at others of a similar distance.

DM: What are your targets for 2015?

SB: I am going to try and improve my present PB's at 10k (43.22) set in 2012, 10miles (1hr 14m 54s) set in 2011, half mara (1hr 37m 17s) set in 2008, full mara (3hrs 43m 51s) set in 2008 and complete at least 1 Ultra Mara ideally as mentioned earlier.

DM: Congratulations on your award at the AGM on Sunday. Was it a surprise to you that you won the award?

SB: thank you and yes it totally surprised me, my "gast was flabbered" its the 2nd time I have been lucky enough to be chosen by my fellow club mates for UKNR of the year and although I said thank you to clubbies present on the day, I'd like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who was unable to attend on the day, there was some lovely things said about me as to the reasons why people voted for me, I hope to continue in the same way of giving encouragement and positive replies as and when or if needed/wanted.

DM: Good luck Shaun with your running this year and thanks for your contribution to the club!